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Change of Mind

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Re: Change of Mind

Postby laneends » 18 Dec 2018, 18:16

The way you have it at the moment The full weight of the yak will be a point load on those elbows. Regardless of anyting else that will not withstand the load and you risk a PA crashing to the ground from that height where you wont have much of a hold. Any pivot point like that should be place at the rear crossbar for maximum support.
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Re: Change of Mind

Postby shane » 18 Dec 2018, 19:38

What you've shown in the photos won't work. The PA is too heavy for unsupported PVC and it will be too much effort to slide the PA up it.

My suggestion would be to add a long roller on top of the rear bar or just in front of it. I'd also suggest extending the side upturns a bit. For loading you would need to be able to lift and pivot the PA nose as far as possible onto the roller. Then move around and grab the rear handles and lift while sliding it forward on the roller. If you can get the nose on the roller then it's easy to inch it on in short lifts forward until the balance point reduces the weight for a full lift to horizontal. I do a similar thing with a side bar and it's a really easy lift with the roller working for you. The higher side upturns are to stop it coming off the side if not pushing up in proper alignment.

Commercial systems similar to what you've originally proposed typically use much stronger arms and a winch system to drag the yak up, and usually sideways. More trouble than it's worth imo. Only applicable if you can't lift half the weight of a PA.
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Re: Change of Mind

Postby Yako » 18 Dec 2018, 20:27

To add to what Shane has said, you could mount a winch like this to the front of the trailer (it has remote controls) to assist with pulling up as you go up & over the rollers. It frees you up from having to lift and push. It's about the size of a tissue box.
I used on of these to make my own Side loader for my Grand Carnival (I did have a fat boat winch but that was junk & too heavy).
I find I can just guide the yak up as the winch does the work.
About $98 on Ebay from Aussie store (could be cheaper from overseas I'm not sure)
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Re: Change of Mind

Postby peatop » 18 Dec 2018, 23:20

I did enquire with vic roads to get my trailer registered and boat trailer did come up so it might be an idea to contact them to remove any confusion ;)

Another idea that came to mind was one i found when looking at trailer mods, this was from Monroe
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Re: Change of Mind

Postby muddyone » 21 Dec 2018, 11:36

I've added a T piece of timber that sits at the joint of the bunks and ramps, also shoved some 3x2 hardwood inside the ramps.

Have pulled it on and off a few times and nothing flexes or moves.

I realise it's not the best way, but I had most of the stuff lying around so it only cost a few dollars.

I'll put pics up later

Thanks for all your advice, I appreciate it
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