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Eating Carp - Video

Caught anything lately? Post up how you cooked it here and if it was a success. Doesn't only have to be fish....

Re: Eating Carp - Video

Postby Ghurkin » 09 Dec 2013, 06:28

rearrange the letters it spells crap for a reason
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Re: Eating Carp - Video

Postby ELM » 09 Dec 2013, 12:51

I much prefer them boiled whole, peel off the white flesh when cooked, then mince and add to fine diced tomato, onion, garlic mix and make patties. Fried to a nice crisp outer :evilgrin: .
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Re: Eating Carp - Video

Postby Galey » 02 May 2015, 23:01

Tried them several ways including icing them straight after capture, curry, slow cooker, quick fry, drunk fry. Just give them a miss for the eating but enjoy them as a sportfish. They are strong and won't give up easy. They are here to stay folks so make the most of them. I'm going to have a crack on the fly rod soon.
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