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Tempura Batter.

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Tempura Batter.

Postby Widsa » 23 Feb 2010, 17:40

Ok here is one of my favourite recipe's.
Its quick and easy, and makes a nice crispy batter if you do it right.

Tempura Batter
75g (1/2 cup) cornflour (cornstarch)
75g (1/2 cup) plain flour
1 egg, lightly beaten
188ml (3/4 cup) [url]cold[/url]soda water or beer

I like to add salt 'n pepper and some herbs 'n spices but they are optional.

Sift flours together in a medium bowl. Combine egg and soda water first, then mix with flours until just combined (it is okay if the batter is a little lumpy). Allow batter to stand for a few minutes in a freezer.

The secret to a really crispy batter is to keep it really cold, almost freezing.
I usually subtitute the soda water for beer (because I really like beer! :D ).
Chuck the opened bottle of beer in the freezer for about 15 -20 mins before mixing with flours to make it almost freezing.

The other thing to make sure of is that your oil is very hot, almost smoking hot.
Chuck a bit of flour into it and if it sizles well, your ready.

Then its just a matter of dunking the whatever your cooking into the batter and then into the frier.
I like doing squid this way, just cook them for about 45 seconds -1 min.
You can get away with cooking in a wok or pan with about an inch of oil (shallow fry), but deep fried is prefered.
Remember to clear away the crispy bits that float away from what ever you are cooking in between batch's.

Gummy, whiting, flatties etc.. all go great in tempura batter.

One thing I find with fried foods, is to make sure you eat it as soon as possible, dont leave it in the warmer after you have cooked it because then it will loose its crispness.
I get people to sit at the table, and bring them out in batch's so they are nice and fresh.

Hope you enjoy it, I do.
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Re: Tempura Batter.

Postby momunny » 23 Feb 2010, 21:22

mmmmmm sounds deliccoiusss Widsa... :D :D
I might give that a go this weekend

thanks Master Chef Widsa. ;) ;)

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Re: Tempura Batter.

Postby twavvy » 04 Mar 2010, 19:05

I'm getting the squid into that! Nice recipe mate :D
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Re: Tempura Batter.

Postby Allan » 14 Mar 2010, 19:27

I just tried this recipe… AWESOME.

I highly recommend having a crack at this. Today’s squid was sensational.

Thanks Widsa.
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Re: Tempura Batter.

Postby Babylon » 15 Mar 2010, 09:49

Daughter just gave me some fillets from father-in-law
He catches more than me :lol: Going to give it a go Cheers.Jim
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