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Aka auto-eject eliminator

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Aka auto-eject eliminator

Postby Deefa » 20 Jan 2018, 21:57

At Portland I had the fun experience of the front starboard aka deciding to pop out without warning - fortunately we had just stopped sailing, but even pedaling the tramp dug in and things got a little messy.
I struggled for a while on the water to get it re-inserted, as I had tramps and a haka holding the aka, both of which create a little tension when the aka is inserted properly.
I know there is a 'fixed' clip setup from Obie to resolve this aka issue, however I came up with a simple and effective workaround to keep us confident in the chop.

I used some 5mm cord and looped (twice) around the outside section of the aka hinge, tied off with a reef knot, loose but when pulled inboard it would not slip over the knuckle hinge. I did this to all 4 akas.
I then cut down two lots of 25mm tie-down webbing, and hooked into the loops (ratchets on the other side) and ratcheted up just enough tension that the aka's were being pulled in an unable to pop out, even when the release buttons were depressed.
If you keep the strap and ratchet to the rear of the crossbar, you can still fold in the amas (not that I ever do, with tramps and hakas).
It was pretty neat and tidy, with little excess strap, and didn't get in the way of mast/sail operation.

I kept the ratchets well inox'd as they don't like the salt, but until I get the new clips it should work fine.
I'll take a pic when I'm set up at Cape Woolamai next week.

I think I'll trademark the name.
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Re: Aka auto-eject eliminator

Postby maverick » 21 Jan 2018, 11:27

I did a similar thing a while ago but join the bungee together with a stainless clip. I lost the upwind aka, when going the rough water at the Flinders entrance, not a great feeling. I did write a FB article about it and how many of the internal screws holding the joiner in place where corroded and had to be replaced. Even the brand new unit from Hobie had some corrosion in the screws.
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