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Which inflatable kayak ?

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Which inflatable kayak ?

Postby Armoss » 11 Mar 2018, 17:38

Hey guys my partner myself and young bloke are going to do the big lap at the start of next year and we are going to be towing a caravan and were looking at getting an inflatable kayak I'm leaning towards the aqua glide chinook from what I've been told there of decent build quality if anyone has any better options or ever used one be great to hear thanks
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Re: Which inflatable kayak ?

Postby Smish » 12 Mar 2018, 13:43

Hi Jake, I fished off a Sea Eagle Paddleski for years, it was a very comfortable kayak and I did some serious kilometres paddling that thing. I chose it because I liked the fact that the surface you're sitting on isn't inflatable, it's a trampoline so if you dropped a knife or hook it was fine and the pontoons were made of a tough durable fabric similar to tender dinghies and it was so stable I could mount a substantial sail on it. The main thing I didn't like about it is that it needed a rudder, without one it was a total pig in the wind so I had to build and install one myself, other than that it was fine, not the fastest thing on the water but I could cruise at 5kph in light winds although strong winds were a bitch. I had no issues with punctures but I was careful with it. To be honest though it wasn't great value but not terrible either. My second choice was a "StraitEdge2 Inflatable Kayak" which is a good option if like me you don't want to spend the coin on something like a "Hobie i14T".

I would never go for a really cheap inflatable unless you're only ever going to be a few hundred metres from shore and weren't planning to make it your main fishing platform. A good inflatable needs to be able to handle rocks and rough surfaces so something designed for at least Class 3 rapids should hold up and not get you into trouble. Hope that helps. Here are a few pics of the old "Balloon" I had for years.





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Re: Which inflatable kayak ?

Postby I.Viera » 19 Mar 2018, 18:05

I recently brought Sea Eagle 330 Inflatable Kayak and i am very satisfied with this inflatable kayak. It is quiet affordable , lightweight, easy to assemble and great for fishing.
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