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Questions new members commonly ask e.g. Which kayak should I buy?

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Postby anth0ny » 14 Jun 2018, 20:46

Hi all,

I have actually been a member here for a long time, but now really seriously looking at buying my first yak.

I am looking at a second hand Eco Paddle Sports Ambush (opinions would be great) pretty much kitted out ready to go for $700 on gumtree. ... 1178689914

Any other yaks new or 2nd hand around that price mark I should look at?

I have read to practise re-entry in deep water (cheaterparts) and I was googling kayak safety courses. I think it was $90 for 3 hours.

I was wondering how willing the members here would be to allow me to tag along until I get my balance, bearings and confidence and experience up?

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Postby Galey » 14 Jun 2018, 21:37

Welcome aboard mate. I’m sure you will find some mates to hook up with. Where are you located?
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Postby anth0ny » 14 Jun 2018, 21:46

Thanks mate!

I am in the South East, frequent lang lang and balnarring areas land based
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Postby choppers » 14 Jun 2018, 22:14

Welcome to join me on a trip or two when I manage. Won't be next two weekends, parental duties.
Your approaching this the right way. Safety course is a good idea if your not confident and that day you will probably find a fishing or two to head out with for the safety in numbers
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Postby anth0ny » 20 Aug 2018, 17:21

Hi again,
Thank you for your responses so far
I'm rehashing my old post.
I broke my ankle playing a charity game of footy after I posted this, so the kayak shopping went on the back burner.
Now I am back and fit, I am looking again.
I have looked at a few online ... -albatross
4.1m seems good - I am around 5'11 and 88kg ... averick-13 A bit more expensive for the Lovig
I have been watching gumtree and ebay for SH models, but there isn't too much there at the moment.

Any advice/knowledge/reviews from anyone who may own these 2 models, or suggest an alternative to have a look at?

I will be heading in to have a look in the next few days to have a really good look and hear the sales people out, then hopefully come home with a nice new toy to modify and test and modify to my hearts content.
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Postby laneends » 20 Aug 2018, 18:45

anth0ny wrote: ... averick-13 A bit more expensive for the Lovig

Peatop (Pete) has one of these mavericks:

Albatross is a heavy beast i believe
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Postby peatop » 20 Aug 2018, 19:08

I bought the Maverick back in September last year, it is a great unit, I've posted in several areas on here in relation to it, they are sold by both SLH and AWS, mornington and geelong. I bought it with the idea to replace it before this coming season with a pedal craft, now i have a PA14. Like everyone will tell you "it horses for courses" on flat water it ave speed is around 5kph, I've been cought out in some very ruff weather and never felt unsafe, it's not built to paddle, it's built to fish lol, in all honesty i would buy it again in the same situation, i still have it only as my kids use it however im thinking about buying something more suited to offshore at a later date and then i will sell the maverick. The modifications i made were purely to make it suite my style at that stage, the other kayak your looking at seems to have far to many star mounts on the gunwalls which would make it more difficult to modify imo also the rear hatch is in a bad location, i would silicone that up for safety, other than that ask others on the design. Your welcome to come down and spend the day using mine, this will give you a solid understanding of why i chose the Maverick over others and the hobie quest13 which was the same price.
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