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by Widsa
26 Dec 2023, 00:06
Forum: The Ride Home
Topic: Christmas Eve cookup.
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Re: Christmas Eve cookup.

That is the way mate, cant beat fresh fish shared with friends and family. :thumbsup:
by Widsa
24 Jul 2023, 16:22
Forum: Lure Log
Topic: Lures for Big Bangers
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Re: Lures for Big Bangers

Man o Man, I would sook up big time if I lost one of those! :lol:
by Widsa
15 Jun 2023, 14:53
Forum: DIY Section
Topic: Compass Paddle Lug
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Re: Compass Paddle Lug

Nice one Sean,
Simple fix for the problem.
by Widsa
03 Jun 2023, 10:32
Forum: Lure Log
Topic: Worden's maxi jig
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Re: Worden's maxi jig

Very interesting, When I used to travel there my local friends used prawns that were kept in salt and dyed red/pink with food dye. They said they kept these indefinitely in a jar in the freezer and there really wasn't any smell from memory. We fished these under a float and they were quite hard and ...
by Widsa
25 Jan 2023, 13:53
Forum: DIY Section
Topic: DIY Night light
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Re: DIY Night light

Nice Build Sean, Regarding the reflective tape, yep it should stick fine. I had luck with mine, as long as it is the good stuff and you stick it to a smooth spot it seems to bond well. I got mine from Squizzy at Supersigns in Seaford and it is good quality (3M I think) and its still on there even th...
by Widsa
25 Jan 2023, 13:49
Forum: The Ride Home
Topic: Fly Fishing
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Re: Fly Fishing

Amazing, Great video Pete and Paul.
What a great way to spend a couple of hours!
by Widsa
20 Jan 2023, 14:42
Forum: Forum Announcements & Policy
Topic: VYAK technical issues
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VYAK technical issues

Hi All,

We had some technical issues with the site this morning.
Hopefully all resolved now and it should be back up and running as normal.
Apologies for this, please let me know if you come across any further issues.

by Widsa
16 Nov 2022, 12:20
Forum: Forum Announcements & Policy
Topic: Cookie setting upgrade
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Cookie setting upgrade

Hi All,
I had a report from a user that they were having trouble logging in and the forum kept asking them to log in.
I have made some changes to forum to hopefully fix this issue.
If anyone is having issues or if this change cause issues, please let me know?
by Widsa
06 Nov 2022, 11:09
Forum: Say G'Day
Topic: Hiya all from a noob
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Re: Hiya all from a noob

Welcome aboard Sean,
Tight lines mate
by Widsa
03 Nov 2022, 15:32
Forum: Say G'Day
Topic: G'day from WA
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Re: G'day from WA

Welcome aboard Paul,
I hope you find some nice fishing spots, there are plenty to find around.
Look forward to hearing about your first cod.

Tight lines,