New Commercial Policy. Updated 19/01/2014

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New Commercial Policy. Updated 19/01/2014

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To all Members,

VYAK has seen some substantial growth recently and as such, the Admin team have to make small changes along the way.

We have closed the Commercial forum and will remove the "Sponsor" rank from members as Vyak will no longer requires commercial support or sponsorship. We would like to thank all of our past sponsors for their generous support and wish them all the best in the future.

Any questions please contact Admin.

Commercial Policy
VYAK will no longer allow commercial advertising except within the "Yellow Page" forum.

We have set up a "Yellow Pages" forum where members may advertise their OWN business with the following conditions:

- Members wishing to advertise within the Yellow Pages must have a total Vyak post count of 400+ posts
- Members wishing to advertise within the Yellow Pages must have a Vyak membership duration of at least 12 months.

(*Note* exceptions may be given to members who do not meet the post count and/or membership duration requirements if Admin believe they have significantly contributed to the Vyak community. Contact Admin if you would like to be considered for the exception)

(*Note* exceptions may also be given to businesses if Admin believe they have significantly contributed to the Vyak community. We understand that a business owner may not have time to post here themselves, so at Vyak Admin's discretion, we may allow a designated person to post on behalf of a Business owner instead. Contact Admin if you would like to be considered for the exception)

These conditions may seem extreme, but they are in place to ensure advertisers are active Vyak members who have contributed to the betterment of our forum over a decent period of time and understand what benefits Vyak as a community. We are not interested in advertising from those who have little understanding of our sport and/or little regard for our community and forum.

If you meet BOTH of the above criteria, you may start 1 topic only. Your topic can be edited or added to periodically.
All posts advertising your products, services, sales or events are to go within your topic in the "Yellow Pages" forum and not within any of the other forums on VYAK.
A fair use policy will apply. We do not wish to see topics bumped or continually edited so as to retain a top position within the forum.
Admin will contact and (if needed) remove the member's posting privileges if we feel they are abusing this situation.

Although VYAK and its moderators allow promotion of members commercial interests, we do not endorse and will not be liable for any products or services, or any loss due to poor quality or failure to supply any products or services by the member or his/her commercial interest.
VYAK and its moderators will not be held responsible or liable for any loss of, or possible loss of income that may be derived from promoting their commercial interest on the VYAK website, forum or chat room.

VYAK and its moderators do not allow disputes about commercial interest members and or their products/services to take place in the open forum or chat room, we do however wish to be notified of any discrepancies so appropriate action can be taken to protect its members if deemed necessary.

Members who have an affiliation with a business and/or advertise within the Vyak Yellow Pages Forum:

As well as the conditions stated above, we ask that you declare your company with a logo or text within your signature so other members can easily recognise your affiliation.
Logo size is limited to:
- no greater than 800 pixels in width
- no greater than 100 pixels in height
- a resolution no greater than 72dpi (dots per inch).
Text content is limited to 70 words
Text content must not be separated onto numerous line *see example below*
Text size is limited to "normal"
Text colour is limited to black (#000000) or blue (#0000FF).

Admin reserves the right to remove logos that don't fall within the size and resolution limits stated above.

VYAK will try to retain a balance that is fair to our members. This policy may be edited from time to time.

Thank you,

The Admin team.

* Example of text on numerous lines:
PB snapper = 75cm
PB flattie = 30cm
PB gummy = 90cm
PB squid = 30cm

The formatting of text as shown above is not allowed.

Instead, you must format your text as follows:
PB snapper = 75cm, PB flattie = 30cm, PB gummy = 90CM, PB squid = 30cm.
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Re: New Commercial Policy. Updated 07/10/2012

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