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Newb trying to kayak fish western port for the first time

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Newb trying to kayak fish western port for the first time

Postby Seb85 » 24 Oct 2019, 14:48

Hi all,

Can't say I'm experienced, have only fished on a yak few times.
Recently I upgraded my kayak and bought a Slayer 10 propel. Stability and portability was the priority. I fished port phillip bay handful of times and some river/lake on the old hand paddle kayak. I am now thinking to fish western port on the Slayer 10 Propel.
I always heard of strong current, mud bank, pick the right tide height etc, kind of a rocket science to me. Pretty daunting for a newb like me.

What's the good and safe recommended place to start? and no need to paddle kilometres and kilometres to find fish. A snapper or gummy be nice. Don't mind some KGW either.
Also, what's required? drift chute? heavy sinkers on running/paternoster?

So yeah, no particular area or specific fish. I just want to give western port a crack and catch a decent fish or two on the Slayer 10 propel.

Thanks in advance.
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Re: Newb trying to kayak fish western port for the first tim

Postby cheaterparts » 24 Oct 2019, 15:12

Seb first cab off the rank. Coronet Bay and of Reef Island. Both carry most WP species. Next Grantville or Lang Lang
You have to work with the tide for these 2. They would be my beginner WP places

You need an anchor and anchor trolley for all of the above.
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