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NBN change over

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NBN change over

Postby happyas » 16 Jul 2020, 23:58

We received an sms at 5.10AM on 14th telling us we can now hook up to the NBN. We had received our NBN connection box a few days earlier as well as emails and letters proclaiming that the 14th was the day that NBN was available. I already had the new Telstra NBN capable modem set up. I let the dust settle a bit and at about 11AM I proceeded with the plugging in of the equipment. All plugged and correct I switched on. The box started going through the process with the little blue lights flashing etc. It couldn't finish the hooking up process. I did a cold start. Same result. I rang Telstra and was led through the whole process again, including cold start and reset buttons. The "consultant told me it may take a couple of hours to complete and to ring back about 8 or 9 that night if it didn't happen. It didn't and I rang back. "Office is closed, ring back tomorrow after 9" Rang yesterday at about 9.30AM only to be cut off mid conversation. They tried to ring back twice but all I got was a buzzing noise. Rang them yet again and after the usual half hour wait with crappy music, I got a consultant yet again. After a half hour of him checking all kinds of connections and processes he said that the process had not been completed properly at their end. He said it should be running on the 4G network. I told him that our Telstra network coverage was pretty crappy and was why it wasn't running on 4G. He blamed NBN. He said that NBN have to do the final "switching". He raised a "form" and made it a priority to be connected. I asked for a timeline of some sort. He said "who knows but I have made it a priority." It is now 10.51PM on the 16th and still nada, nothing, zilch, zero. Good one Telstra/NBN!!!!!!
Has anyone else had problems switching NBN on?
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Re: NBN change over

Postby Steve_R » 17 Jul 2020, 10:28

Dunno is the answer to the question.

We moved back near Sydney from Eden where service from TPG's NBN service was great. Great until we decided we no longer needed it, when service took a monstrous dive into the realms of ridiculous.

In the early days of Covid panic, NBN staff had all started to work from home. Attempts to terminate the service via internet dead-ended in nothing received back. The only option was to use the phone. To say they were busy (or deliberately slow or under-staffed) is an understatement but if there's one advantage to retirement its having time available to do things (even if it is at the cost of fishing). Eventually I reached stage #1 of the filtering stage. This was obviously a lowly-ranked person whose job it is to try to deter people from cancelling their service. Eventually that person accepted my insistence that I was moving and told me to hold the line while they transferred me to an account specialist. The result was lots of waiting and nothing. A few days later I went through the same process again. This time I made it through to an account specialist. it turns out 'account specialist' is just another person trying to talk you out of terminating your account. Patience and persistence were rewarded with instructions to send an email message {if anyone uses TPG, record the details for the day you need it}
to addressee:
include the following details for account identification:
-Customer ID/Username
-Account Holder
-Phone Line
-Reason For Cancellation
- Cancellation date

Part of my reason for cancellation included a reference number to the conversations with filter#1 and filter #2 The result from that email message was ... wait for it ...
Someone contacted me and asked why I wanted to cancel my account, suggesting alternatives. At this stage, patience was wearing a little thin but I stuck with it with the paranoid thought they may be trying to provoke a reason to stop communicating with me. Eventually I won out over the TPG hard-sell system.

A check with NBN before cancelling with TPG indicated NBN would not become available at the new address until the end of June 2020. That's long gone and still no NBN. An address check with NBN was giving the message we may need to wait up to 12 months. Now I am seeing:
There is more work to do before your premises is ready to connect to the nbn™ access network.

We estimate this work will be completed before the end of Oct 2020. We apologise for the delay. We are also seeking to minimise any possible COVID-19 related disruptions to our equipment supply chain or service operations. Please check this page periodically for further updates.

It seems NBN are using Covid as a reason for delays. However, getting to the point, The NBN roll-out map shades our property as having NBN available. It is only when I do an address specific check I see the above message.

Make sure you keep notes about your problems, including names in case you need to refer the matter to the Ombudsman. However, first point of complaint should be Telstra.
My son made a complaint about his frequent and lengthy service drop-outs that way. Telstra did not say they fixed anything but his service came good after the complaint (good as far as drop-outs is concerned; speed still falls a little short of their promise).

Meanwhile, we are using Optus 4G. Sometimes the signal seems to drop out. Other than that, its better than being tied to a phone line. When 5G rolls through NBN will be dropped like a hot brick.

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Re: NBN change over

Postby peatop » 17 Jul 2020, 13:34

I know the problem well it's called telstra lol l have always found telstras back up service plain useless, while optus has not been any better, l was with tpg for internet some years ago and found them good on all sides, im currently using my mobile as my modem something I've done for the last 10 years and found buying it by the year works out to be the way to go at this point.

Given the current climate l would call the internet to be an essential service and if you dont have satisfaction within 24 hours contact the telecommunications ombudsman they will give you a a contact and that person will be the only one you deal with.
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Re: NBN change over

Postby Magpie_Mick » 17 Jul 2020, 13:38

It is now 10.51PM on the 16th and still nada, nothing, zilch, zero.

That is why I have not yet moved to NBN.
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Re: NBN change over

Postby happyas » 17 Jul 2020, 21:52

Day 4 and nada. Checked the roll out map and I have a green tick. But no NBN. The left hand and the right hand have communication problems it seems. As an aside, the "NBN team" were working on the pole outside our house some months ago and when they left we had no internet/phone/tv. After the usual adventure of trying to talk to someone at Telstra we finally got through. They contacted their whatever department and about an hour later a tech turned up and reconnected our service. It seems the "NBN team" had disconnected our line and then packed up and went home, leaving us in the dark.
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Re: NBN change over

Postby happyas » 19 Jul 2020, 21:26

8.24 PM 19/7/20 still nada.
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Re: NBN change over

Postby Digger » 20 Jul 2020, 06:53

I waited months for our NBN connection from when it was slated to happen and endured countless no-shows and let-downs. Worst organisation I’ve ever encountered!

We've been with Aussie Broadband (ISP) for years and they kill any others that we have tried esp. Telstra. Likewise mobile, since we’ve changed to Aldi we’ve saved money and avoided all the crap Telstra carry on with, like false charges. Aldi use the Telstra network so there are no down sides for us after about 3 years.

Good luck!
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Re: NBN change over

Postby erik the viking » 20 Jul 2020, 15:43

I try to avoid Telstra at all costs.
Too expensive, little to no follow up no one seems to care anymore..........
For NBN I stuck with TPG, who we have been with since 1995.
Made sure the area was ready to go before I booked an install.
Yep, you get letters from T and others saying you can have NBN, even though they know very well there is no cable or access yet!
They just want to get you signed up, then the usual bulls*** follows till they are ready.
Booked for a particular day, they (he actually) arrived on time, did the necessary line checks, moved the point to where I wanted and voila it works.
He even suggested I try the old Uniden dect wireless phone on the line even though the NBN blurb stated that you needed to buy a newer model.
Guess what. He was right and the blurb was wrong. Win, win, win.

However I have found that Telstra is the only mobile network that covers most of the out of the way areas for data I like to travel to.
So I swapped to Aldi, but still got some missed areas. (I then found out that Aldi and others only get part of the full spectrum under their licence.)
However Boost mobile is the full bottle just like a 'real' Telstra account.
No issues swapping over (sorry, porting my number) to Boost.
Much much cheaper, even though the account and messages come from the big T themselves.
Oh, and I get free international calls and texts to os countries that just happen to suit me.
Just thought I would share some good stories with you lot. We need it.
By gosh, am I sick of all the negativity on the news and online media atm
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Re: NBN change over

Postby isportfish » 20 Jul 2020, 19:15

happyas wrote:Has anyone else had problems switching NBN on?

Yes. Brand new straight out of the box Yellow network cable was stuffed. After a few days of the same process tried an old one we had and worked straight away.
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Re: NBN change over

Postby happyas » 20 Jul 2020, 20:59

Wow. Who would have thought that a simple switch (as they have been advertising) would be so difficult. Still nada.
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