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Seak kayaks, any good.

Posted: 25 Apr 2012, 19:21
by Gozz
Hi guys I'm thinking of buying a seak kyak for my young bloke who is 8yo for his birthday present.
I also want to use it for my self in the lakes when I cant be stuffed loading my barge on the roof of the car.

Will the seak take 100kg and are they fairly steady.
Oh btw I'm 100kg not my 8yo. :lol: :lol: :lol:

I did a search and couldn't find nothing.

This is the model here but it was on sale the other day for $250. ... wift-Kayak

Re: Seak kayaks, any good.

Posted: 25 Apr 2012, 19:29
by kads
Hull material: LDPE

Length: 300 cm

Width: 80 cm

Depth: 16 cm

Seat width: 45 cm

Hatch type: Rubber snap

Load capacity: 110 kg

Weight: 21 kg

Paddler skill: Beginner to intermediate

Primary activity(s): Bay, River and lake exploring

Customer Reviews
Mark Reynolds

The kayak was good value for money. I agree with the other review that there is an issue with keeping it in a straight line as soon as you get a bit of speed it wants to veer off course.

Warren Gavarra

This Kayak is a great way to get fit. A little hard to keep in a straight line if the current is strong. We used Seak x- pedition paddles. Make sure you buy decent paddles such as these. Alot harder to paddle with the cheaper ones. The 110 kg weight capacity is just about right. We did get up to 6 kids on one but ended up taking in water. The bungs at the back of the kayak make it easy to empty out. this Kayak is worth the money and lots of fun. Very stable out in the open lakes, and at only 23kgs it's easy to carry on your own. Great family fun.


Great Kayak Fun in light surf and fishing hard body lures and plastics in estuaries
Use a small sea anchor with a float to stabilise the drift when fishing.
Light enough for easy lifting onto a cars roof. Stylish with plenty of attaching points.


This is a good starter kayak with a good starting price tag.

Re: Seak kayaks, any good.

Posted: 25 Apr 2012, 21:04
by Gozz
Thanks mate.
That was about the only info I could find on it.
I thought I saw a few on this site in pic's but I cant find them any more.

Re: Seak kayaks, any good.

Posted: 26 Apr 2012, 15:29
by snapperboy
it is a good beginers yakand is very fishable with a few mods its nice and stable but like the other guys said it dosnt track to well so you may want to add a rudder to it but all up its again perfect for a begginer or a kid

Re: Seak kayaks, any good.

Posted: 27 Apr 2012, 12:31
by Beckers
Have to agree with the reviews above.

Great kayak for the price, very stable but a little hard to keep straight.

Mine is fitted out with a single rod holder at the front.

I also want to investigate adding a rudder and would be interested if anyone has successfully added one?